Adamant Correct - You Dream, We Create

We offer manufacturing of
custom-made design products
for your home and business.

Simple & Unique

Designed With Care
We create every single product as if we create it for ourselves.

Crafted To Perfection
We love our job and that’s why we work with absolute precision and we aspire to the perfect shape.

Strong and Reliable
We do not save money on materials, tools and consumables. We work with top class equipment.

Custom Orders

Can I order Interior Products for my Company or Home?

- We will complete every single request with the utmost pleasure, no matter how complicated the manufacturing is. - We will be glad to have our products to decorate your interior and to contribute to your good mood whenever your eye stops on them, no matter if this is your home or office.

Can i outsource order from my client?

We do not have problem working directly with the client or with an intermediary. Every single customer is welcome for us.

Can i take individual offer for B2B order?

- Yes, we will work this out for you with pleasure

B2B Orders

Do you work with end customers only?

- We work with anybody who wants to order a designer product and requires a quality workmanship.

How can I raise an enquiry for a product?

- Go to our contact page and send us an inquiry or just give us a call.

I am not from Bulgaria, is this a problem for a potential order?

- Not at all, we can ship worldwide.

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